How to Apply Perfume and Make it Last Longer

There is no worse disappointment when you have left home looking and smelling great, yet within just a few short hours, your fragrance seems to have faded- taking with it, your confidence and charisma. 

Is there any special tip or tips that could you can use to help you keep your favorite fragrance lasting through the day and night? The answer is "YES!" There are many tricks you can use to make your signature fragrance last much longer and get you remembered where you go! 

Try these tricks to ensure you are always smelling your best but first to better help you understand you may want to learn how perfume is made! and the varying strengths that will help carry your perfume all day long.

Strengths of Perfume

Fragrances are sold in different strengths, and this will be a key factor that affects how frequently you will need to re-apply. Eau de cologne and Eau de toilette are light fragrances with very low oil concentrations, so they are perfect if you are seeking a light and very 'wearable' scent. Eau de Parfum will contain roughly 15-20% oil concentration and is the most commonly available class of fragrance. Last not certainly not least is an Extrait de Parfum, and if you are looking for a fragrance that will be sure to last all day and night, this will be the fragrance for you! 

Caring for your Fragrance

After the oil concentration, this is the most important factor in ensuring your fragrance offers the most lasting power! Perfume is sensitive and heat, light, and humidity can all impact the quality of your fragrance and important, the ingredients within the perfume, so the smell can also even be slightly altered! 

How you should care for your fragrance: 

  • Store your bottle of perfume in its original box in a cool, dry place such as a bedroom cupboard or drawer. This ensures that UV light does not get to the perfume and alter the character of your fragrance. 
  • Fragrances do not like changes in temperature. So taking a perfume bottle on the go on a warm summer day and inside a cool air conditioned office all within the span of a few minutes is a big no-no!
  • Make sure you do not leave your fragrance in your bathroom or shower area! The warm humidity of your shower can cause excess humidity to your bottle. 

Applying your Fragrance 

  • Only apply your fragrance directly on your skin. Never spray your perfume or cologne into the air and then walk through the 'perfume cloud' as it is a very ineffective method. The only place that will be smelling great all day with this method is your floor! 
  • Never apply fragrance to dry skin. It is FAR more effective when you are spraying fragrance onto moist skin when the pores of your skin are open. The best way to ensure you're applying fragrance to moist skin is immediately after you step out of the shower. This is a sure fire way to ensure your fragrance is 'locking-in'
  • Another trick to moisturize your skin is using skin moisturizer, with no fragrance of course. Adding a few drops of non scented moisturizer and then applying fragrance will lock in that scent even more! 

Perfume and Cologne are very personal choices, and you should invest some time into choosing the scent that is right for you! Spray the fragrance and give it time to warm on your skin and scenes how the difference notes develop. 

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