The Best Affordable Alternative to Parfum de Marly's Delina

As a women finding your signature scent can be quite a challenge. There are so many different perfumes out there. On ALT. Fragrance's site alone, there are almost close to one hundred. Each one inspired by the world's best loved perfumes and colognes. 

A newer perfume for women that will undoubtedly reel you in on your journey of finding your signature scent will be the pink bottled Delina perfume. Although the scent of Delina may reel you in fast, the price tag may steer you away even quicker! At $320 for 70ml you're looking at spending almost $4.50/ml! Being that it is estimated one ml of perfume will  be about 15 sprays you're looking at almost 30 cents a spritz! (Yikes!) 

Low and Behold ALT. Fragrance's Duchess

ALT. Fragrances Duchess 60ML Perfume inspired by Delina

Inspired by Parfum de Marly's Delina - Our Homage to Delina Perfume

ALT. offers an alternative to the ever so popular Delina perfume! At first spray of ALT.'s Duchess you'll instantly pick up the fresh bergamot, Lychee, and Rhubarb that is ever so present in the Delina fragrance. Give it just about an hour and the complexity of Duchess will begin to really shine as you begin to pick up notes of Turkish Rose, Vanilla, and Cedarwood. 

Duchess Note Pyramid

ALT. Duchess fragrance pyramid

The #1 Alternative to Delina 

We have sold thousand of bottles of our alternative to Delina to women across the country. In fact, it is currently one of our bestselling perfumes! In terms of feedback, our customers often mention the similarities to the original, and the quality of the perfume on its own as well. 

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