Vanilla is an ever popular ingredient in both male and female fragrances. Adding just a hint of sweetness, it compliments basically any other ingredient with it. Ranging from fruity scents when mixed with apple or bergamot, to the more musky and woody scents when mixed with sandalwood and amber. 

Here is everything and anything you need to know when it comes to vanilla in perfume. 


Vanilla has a deep and ancient history in the world of fragrance. Such as being used to scent temples and other religious sites like in ancient Mexico.
People don't often realize that vanilla perfume derives from a specific type of EDIBLE orchid. 

Vanilla Orchid used in perfume


Vanilla perfume - you either love it or hate. If you're not familiar with the scent of this bean, imagine a vanilla bean ice cream cone on a warm summer day and tone the smell down just a tad to keep that scent of sugar that you'll take in from normal ice cream. 

Vanilla Ice Cream Perfume

Normally vanilla forms at the base not of a perfume, meaning that it tends to really kick into action a few minutes after the initial application of your cologne or perfume. If you're a fan of fresh and fun scents than you'll be a fan of vanilla! 


There are a range of fragrances to choose from when you're looking for vanilla in them. If you're a fan of a Moore rugged, deep, and smoky scent. Then our inspired by Tobacco Vanille fragrance is for you! Mixed with tobacco blossom, this distinctive and smoky scent creates the perfect balance of sweetness and smoky richness. 

Inspired by Tobacco Vanille

Another best selling classic fragrance that includes vanilla is our notorious Executive which is inspired by Aventus. This Fragrance is balanced with musk, bergamot, and pineapple. Offering to more of a fruity and fresh mix with the Vanilla. 

Vanilla Ice Cream

If you're looking for the best vanilla fragrance out there, both of these are solid places to start. When you're choosing any vanilla fragrance ask yourself this: 

When will I be wearing this? 

Vanilla is a highly versatile ingredient, which can be played down as playful and fresh, or played up as luxurious and elegant. 

How much Vanilla?

Some fragrances are very vanilla-dominant, meaning that the scent of vanilla comes off very powerful, however, others will only offer a hint of it. The best way to find out is to try a sample to test them out for yourself! (ALT. offers all our fragrances in 5ml sample sizes to take the risk out of choosing.) 



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