The Scent of Stardom: Discover the Perfumes Celebrities Love to Wear

Welcome back to the ALT. Fragrances Blog! Today, we'll be taking a peek behind the curtains to uncover the perfumes that your favorite celebrities love to wear. After all, there's nothing more intriguing than getting an insight into the scents that define the stars we admire. We've done our research and rounded up some of the most beloved fragrances among the Hollywood elite. So, sit back and let us guide you through the world of celebrity perfumes!


  1. Chanel No. 5 - Marilyn Monroe

Perhaps one of the most iconic celebrity fragrance choices of all time, Marilyn Monroe famously claimed that she wore nothing but Chanel No. 5 to bed. This classic scent, created by the legendary Coco Chanel, combines the elegance of jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang with the warmth of sandalwood and musk. Perfect for any glamourous occasion, Chanel No. 5 is a timeless choice for those looking to channel their inner Hollywood starlet. You can grab our fragrance inspired by Chanel No.5, ALT. No.5 for only $29!

  1. Jo Malone London - Lime, Basil & Mandarin - Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her impeccable style, and it seems her taste in fragrance is no exception. Kate Middleton reportedly adores Jo Malone London's Lime, Basil & Mandarin scent. This fresh and zesty perfume is a delightful combination of citrus notes with an unexpected twist of basil, creating a modern and sophisticated aroma fit for royalty.

  1. Creed Aventus - George Clooney

Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney is said to be a fan of Creed's Aventus. This luxurious and masculine fragrance boasts a rich blend of fruity notes, such as blackcurrant and bergamot, alongside smoky birch, musk, and oakmoss. Aventus is a bold and powerful scent, perfect for those who want to make a statement, just like Mr. Clooney himself. Our fragrance Executive is inspired by Creed Aventus but instead of the $400+ Clooney may be able to afford, our version starts at only $39!

  1. Byredo Gypsy Water - Dakota Johnson

Actress Dakota Johnson has shared her love for Byredo's Gypsy Water in numerous interviews. This unique and enchanting fragrance features fresh and earthy notes of juniper berries, sandalwood, and pine needles, mixed with the sweetness of vanilla and amber. It's a captivating scent that evokes the mystery and allure of the free-spirited lifestyle, much like Dakota's own bohemian charm. Our fragrance, Bohemian Water, is inspired by Byredo's Gypsy Water perfume and is only $39!

  1. Diptyque Philosykos - Emma Watson

Known for her intellect and grace, it's no surprise that Emma Watson would choose a scent as refined as Diptyque's Philosykos. This elegant perfume is inspired by the sun-kissed warmth of Greece, capturing the essence of fig trees, cedarwood, and white musk. Philosykos is a fresh and sophisticated scent, perfect for those who appreciate the subtle beauty of nature.


Celebrities may walk the red carpet and live lives filled with glitz and glamour, but their fragrance choices reveal a more personal and intimate side to their personalities. Whether you're inspired by the classic elegance of Chanel No. 5 or the bold and powerful presence of Creed Aventus, there's a scent to suit every taste and style. Why not explore these fragrances for yourself and add a touch of stardom to your scent collection?