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Our Parfum Line of Fragrances are Packed With an Even Stronger Oil Concentration that Results in a Stronger Scent and an Even Longer Lasting Fragrance packed with an overload of Each Fragrances Best Ingredients! 
7 products
Crystal Parfum Gold Edition - Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540
Crystal Parfum (Gold)
Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 (Gold)
ALT. Fragrances Executive Parfum - Inspired by Creed Aventus
Executive Parfum
Inspired by Aventus Platinum Edition
Santal Parfum
Inspired by Santal 33
Absolutely Fabulous Parfum
Inspired by Fabulous
Pristine Parfum
Inspired by Aventus & Baccarat Rouge 540
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ALT. Fragrances Parfum Sample Bundle
Parfum Sample Bundle
Parfum Collection
Mohair Parfum
Inspired by Green Irish Tweed Parfum

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