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Luxury Designer Fragrance versus Executive Fragrance

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Being an industry leader in "inspired-by" fragrances for 5+ years ALT. has proven itself with over 30,000+ Reviews and 100,000+ Happy Customers!


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Designer-Inspired Fragrances

We are reinventing the fragrance industry to benefit consumers and allow you to experience some of the most luxurious scents in the world regardless of your budget by developing premier Alternatives to overpriced luxury fragrances and eliminating the 'Brand Tax' consumers are accustomed to paying.

We stripped the marketing gimmicks, celebrity endorsements, and brand names no one can see anyway so that inside your box you will find a fragrance based on some of the world's most iconic scents created from the finest clean, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients with an emphasis on a low environmental impact, sustainability, and responsibility.

All ALT. Fragrances are vegan, cruelty-free, and made using 100% clean ingredients.With prices slashed to affordable levels, it’s your chance to select your favorite fragrance, without restriction.

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