Let's face it, we've all shelled out a good amount of money to buy a bottle of fragrance that smelt absolutely amazing in the store, all to have it disappear by the time you get to the office and show it off. Here are a couple fragrance hacks you can use to have your favorite fragrance last all day long! 

Fragrance Hack #1 

Contrary to popular belief, the absolute best time to apply cologne or perfume is the moment you step out of the shower. You might be thinking the best time is to spray the last possible moment you leave home, but think again. Applying fragrance right after stepping out of the shower, as your pores are most open at this point, allowing for the aroma to seep into your skin and constantly radiate throughout the day. 

Man in shower before applying cologne

Fragrance Hack #2 

Another tip that will debunk a popular myth is to NOT spray fragrance onto your clothing. Despite the fact that this can actually end up damaging your garments, due to airflow your cologne or perfume will quickly lose its scent. 

Man Spraying Cologne on clothing

Fragrance Hack #3 

Store your fragrances in cool, dry spots away from windows. Heat, light, and humidity all slowly break down the perfume and cologne to lessen their quality. Keeping them in places such as your night stand, or vanity away from windows will help to keep your fragrance is excellent condition.

Fragrance Hack #4 

MOISTURIZE, MOISTRIZE, MOISTRIZE! Oily complexions actually retain fragrances longer, so if your skin is dry your fragrance will last much less. Applying an unscented lotion or even vaseline will help to make your fragrance last much longer. 

Moisturize before applying cologne or perfume

Fragrance Hack #5 

STOP RUBBING YOUR WRISTS AFTER APPLYING YOUR FRAGRANCE! Most people after applying cologne or perfume will rub your wrists together. Doing this will cause the top notes of your fragrance to disappear and dissipate faster. 

How to make your cologne last longer

Fragrance Hack #6 

When applying fragrance make sure to spray it on your pulse points and warm areas on your body. These warm areas, where veins and arteries are closer to the surface of the skin, help to radiate your fragrance throughout the day. This is what develops the scent and causes it to linger on their middle and base notes for the rest of the day. 

Some of these pulse points include: 

  • On your wrists
  • Inside your elbows 
  • On your neck (Directly behind your ears) 
  • On your ankles and calves & 
  • Behind your knees.

Fragrance Pulse Points to make your cologne last all day

Fragrance Hack #7 

Layer your fragrances. Spraying a few difference fragrances with different oils not only help them compliment each other, but will also allow for them to last longer. Some of our recommendations for fragrance layering include our Inspired by Aventus Fragrance Executive, and Inspired by Green Irish Tweed fragrance Mohair

Fragrance Layering

Fragrance Hack #8 

DON'T OVERAPPLY! We understand, it seems logical that if you want your cologne to last all day spraying more of it will help make it last longer. Although that may make sense, the truth is the only think you're doing by over spraying your fragrance is making yourself smell overpowering the first hour or so of the day. Most likely you'll smell scentless by the afternoon still. Your better off keeping a travel size of your cologne or perfume to re-apply later in the day. 


We all want our fragrance to last long, after all if you're spending good money on perfume or cologne the least it can do is serve its purpose and last. Using these tricks and tips you'll be able to have your favorite fragrance last longer and garner compliments even in the afternoon! 

Now if you want your fragrance to last all day and spend less on them, check out our range of long lasting cologne and perfume inspired by some of the most expensive fragrances on the market! 

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