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Carmelo Rivera

One of my favorite scent from your collection. It lasts for a very long time

Dion Cook

Yes, right on point. Smells exactly how I thought it would. Definitely will be ordering again

Peach Smash
Gareth Jules

Tons of compliments!

Tabetha Wilson
Great frangrance!

Love this fragrance! Always get compliments when I wear this!

Amazing dupe ! Highly recommend

This product is simply amazing ! It is the exact dupe for alien. I always get compliments on it. Will repurchase forever

Great product, will buy again.

Tabius Walker

It smells Great on my wife

tiffany bush

It’s ok

Wasn’t a fan

I came across the brand on instagram. Did t know what to pick so I was drawn to the mens sample set. Upon arrival, I was very excited to smell the fragrances. They were very well packaged and presentable. The sample set comes with five different fragrances. After smelling the five scents, I was extremely disappointed. There was only scent that I had a liking to. The scent is called “The Pristine”. Besides that, the sample set left me extremely disappointed. Would not purchase again.

Desert Phantom
Close but not close enough

I did receive plenty of compliments from friends and family at a recent family function. I could no longer smell it on myself but apparently they did. It’s a very clean and delicate scent.

Bold Love
Ashlee Dupont
Smells Wonderful

I have smelled the original Kilian Love Don’t be Shy and this one. I must say I can’t tell the difference between the two! It smells identical! I love Alt and currently own 5 fragrances. I love each one. Customer for life!

Customer Ron
My purchase of the products

Everyone that smelled the fragrance on me really loved it and asked what scent was that and I told them who I purchased it from and the prices the person was going to purchase it for themselves so very impressed with the products and you probably will be getting more clients

Cherry Smash
Tori Loving
This scent is intoxicating

I’ve never smelled Tom Ford Lost Cherry so I can’t compare it to that, but this is a very layered rich scent that I keep sniffing. I look forward to wearing this perfume!


smells amazing very close to lost cherry except it lasts way longer, I actually got complements from strangers!

Marwa Al-hamdani
Best ever!

Literally I need to buy 4 more. Best one ever. Smells amazing

Valerie Ammons
Love it

Love this perfume so much. Tons of compliments

Katie Campise

Amazing!!! Second time buying and bought the bigger bottle this time. I will say the sprayer messed up but really no biggie! We will continue to buy this duplicate if baccarat!!

Good but not what I thought

So I was on the fence for the longest time about Stallion. I was not sure if this was unisex (yes, even with the name STALLION) or if I would be able to get away with wearing this without smelling like a macho man when I am a female. I think the description is what roped me in and of course my love for vanilla bean. For some reason i thought that the creamy vanilla would override the tangy smell… nah, it didn’t, so there was my disappointment. I wore it a bit to see if I would fall for it. I did not, BUT, I didn’t hate it. I wear it around the house because I don’t feel confident enough to wear it out. I like vanilla mixed with a little sweet and a little spice…which is why I thought maybe this could be it. It isn’t. I will continue my search. If I smelled this on a man, I would probably like it better. I may just layer it with something else.

Smells great

This was my 1st purchase from the co. I was a little apprehensive but I was pleasantly surprised. Fragance smells great and has pretty good staying power. I am glad that I purchases this for a fraction of the cost of inspiration fragrance.

Meagan Rivers
Great fragrance

I love it. Smells very close to the original.

Iris Femme
The Best

I love buying perfume and have purchase so many perfumes from Nordstrom or Bloomingdales. Alt fragrance is an amazing option if you want to try something new. I really love this scent and have tried so many Alt fragrances and I recommend

Katrina Sanville
Mysterious Librarian Dreams!

I love this perfume! I love how unisex and long-lasting it is, and the scent makes me feel like I am the mysterious person in the library or in class. I can’t wait until the weather gets cooler so I can wear it more often! I definitely get a bit more of the pepper notes, but I don’t mind it at all

Fragrance Sample Bundle

Absolutely loved the presentation of the fragrances. The bottles are glass and the case they come in is packaged well to prevent breaking in transit. Loved the scents, they are 100% dupes for the Replica fragrances!

Cynthia Johnson
Smells divine

Instant compliments with this one. Love the packaging and the the way it’s spray it’s full and light not stream line like or hard to press down. Love the tips on how to wear Alt’s perfumes. Can’t wait to try more!

Cherry Smash
Maegan Lafland

The cherry smell is overpowering..a little really goes a long way with this perfume. It smells similar to the atom Ford version but is not an exact dupe