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Absolutely amazing

I am obsessed with this fragrance. It smells so luxurious and amazing. The smell is not to overwhelming yet still perfect enough to last long. It’s amazing

Drifting away to paradise!

This scent is light, sultry, and packs a punch of passion! This is my new go-to scent for nights out on the town! I’ve had so many people ask me what scent I’m wearing and where to get it. Just a word of caution to the fellas: this scent will have the ladies wanting to linger around you a little longer and closer! 😎

Smells so good

I love love love this scent. I have had many compliments and often asked what scent I’m wearing because I smell so good. I only hold back one star because every time I order I have had my bottles leak while in shipment, once a lot and twice just a little, but always leakage. However customer service is great.

Customer service you don’t see anymore

Before I even made a purchase, the customer service was exceptional. Lady named Maria contacted me, she was prompt, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable, addressing all my inquiries. They provided detailed information about their products, offered personalized recommendations, and made me feel valued as a potential customer. This high level of service not only impressed me but also instilled confidence in their brand, making my decision to buy from them an easy one.


I received Corsair as my mystery fragrance male. I’ve never smelled Creed Viking but I am sure based off Crystal 23 and Absolute Executive that Corsair smells identical to Viking, I will say at first spray it reminds me of Agua Florida (if you’re Latino you probably know what I’m talking about LOL) Definitely worth the $19


I absolutely love my new fragrance Duchess! I get so many compliments when I wear it. It is a very sophisticated and sexy fragrance that gets me lots of attention. I catch myself sniffing my wrists when I wear it because I love it. I will definitely be reordering this one!!

Smell like Summer

It smells so summery it reminds me of vacation.

Acqua di ALT.
Jeanine VanSickle
My favorite

This fragrance is my very favorite. I love nature and this fragrance is woodsy with hints of bergamot, another fragrance I love. It is very aromatic and has a pleasant smell. The scent is not overpowering. Don't be surprised if someone asks your man what he is wearing. That is how I discovered this fragrance and immediately purchased it for my man. I never get tired of it!

F'n Fantastic
Chelsa Anna

We absolutely love every scent we have gotten AND they have the best customer service.

Michelle Baldwin
Smells amazing!!

Had a bumpy start when I received the wrong perfume. I reached out to custom service and they immediately sent the correct one and even let me keep the other one (which I actually really loved!) this is my second purchase and I will definitely keep using Alt!! Smells just like the name brand!! Happy customer!

Smells just like new york nights

I purchased both scents and this thing smells just like the real thing. I sprayed one on each wrist and I mean they're identical

Love love love

If you love to smell good for an affordable price, you wont regret trying ALT! Try a mystery fragrance and see what you’ll get. They all smell good so I bet you will like whatever you will get!

Cherry Smash

Cherry Smash

Miami Beach
Jaycee Rodriguez

Smells like heaven!

Sensual Vanilla
C in Ohio
Bought for a gift but kept for myself!

Sensual Vanilla WOW way better than I could expect! I bought it for a gift for my Mom, but knew when I tried it I needed this fragrance for my own! Not overpowering vanilla smell like a young girl. But a mature, rich smell that is awesome for a summer scent!

Amber Angel
Alycia Warren
Amber Angel My New Fave!!!

It is a spot on dupe and I get as many or more compliments on it as I do the dupe for Baccarat Rouge which is also amazing

Scent of the Week
Becky Meil
Ok but not great

I was wanting something clean smelling and fresh for the summer. Thought this sounded nice. It was okay but not nearly as good as the fragrance I ordered first. It was long lasting. Think I will try one of the smaller sample bundles next.

Love it

I'm in love

Nomadic Shadow
Javier Bonilla

Nomadic Shadow

Great cologne!

I ordered the mystery men’s cologne and was not disappointed. The cologne I received was Corsair, a version of Viking. The scent is very sweet and reminds me of cinnamon. Definitely a keeper and will be ordering other fragrances.

Just Porto
anthony severino

On my 5 fragrance & I’ve not been disappointed very happy with each purchase,received many compliments.

Anita Jacobs

I wanted to smell good, not only do I love the scent but my man is under a spell. You can't keep his hands is me and I love it! The perfect combination of sweet and spicy that last all day long and into the night. Crystal no 23 is my all-time new favorite scent! I'm in love!

Sweet Surprise

I ordered my first fragrance Cherry Lightning……I absolutely love the smell! All my co workers love it as well, but to my surprise so did the handsome gentleman at the grocery store who exclaimed “you smell absolutely wonderful! What is it! I was so nervous I couldn’t get a word out! I was very happy to know it still smelled after a long day of work

Acqua di ALT.
Patrick Ejele
Nice product

This fragrance last a long time on my clothes, will recommend it.. Top notch product


What a great fragrance, once it settles down it's fantastic!